Thanks very much for the readings for my two friends & myself. As usual the readings were very helpful.
We appreciated your travelling amid the traffic to help us. I tuned in to your radio show on Saturday &
thought it's a great show. The hour goes really quickly. Oh by the way, my shoulder which had been
hurting for a few months stopped hurting after you left. I didn't notice until the next day & wanted to
thank you & your guides for the medicine.
With respect
Vancouver, BC
I have been going through so much turmoil...I decided to read your helped me and calmed seems all I do day & night is cry & hurt & just reading your website has helped me. It is a great
website. Thank you...Take care.
British Columbia
Guess what? You know a few months ago you said I would be getting a scroll, recognising me for my
contribution?Well...2 weeks ago I got a certificate recognizing me for completing the Indigenous leadership
program at school. Immediately I thought of you. Thank you...
In health
First of all I would like to thank you for my reading back in August & for telling me to get the Ajoite
sure made a world of difference. Thank you very much.
British Columbia
Hi Derrick, I had a reading with you last night & my grandpa was coming through. You were asking if he lived
or worked on a farm, if he hunted birds, if there were horses, & and if he had the same name as my dad. I
didn't I asked my dad today & it is true, my grandpa lived & worked on a farm & was a good bird
hunter, had a dog & horses & he had the same name as my dad. I wish I had known that information last
night, it wouldn't have been as confusing. I just wanted to let you know that you were getting correct
information. Thank you again for your reading.
Thank you and your blessings to you . Your book has been a great comfort to me. Please include me with
your prayers. Thank you again.
British Columbia
Dear Derrick,

Just a little note to say thank you for my reading today. I now know that I have taken the first big step in my healing process. A
step that for 34 years has eluded me. I feel.... not tired, just different. More at peace with myself and my place in this world. I feel
more centred and alive than I ever have in my life. But it's not a really EXCITED feeling... more of a laid back, yeah, feeling. Does
that make sense? I can't seem to put words together to describe it but I know its nothing like I have ever felt before. Sort of an all
is right in my world feeling. Something very special inside me and not necessarily something I want to share with anyone else in
my life right now. Just something I have to take and utilize myself. Am I making ANY sense at all?

Thank you especially for showing me that my Dad never did abandon me. That was the most important thing in the world to me
and that is how my healing will truly begin! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a very special person and I feel blessed that
you were brought into my life at this very important time.

When my friend Bruce died, the lesson that I took away was not to sweat the small stuff..... and it's ALL small stuff!! You helped to
drive that lesson home today by showing me how loved I am and how much I truly have both materially and spiritually. I will strive
to remember that lesson every day of my life. That's a promise!

I look forward to seeing you again and telling anyone who will listen, about you! You are a gift Derrick. Thank you for sharing your
gift with me!

Sending you Love and Light and Blessings,

Hi Alix,...Just thought I'd share this with you.  I spoke to Curtis tonight & he sounds like a new and improved guy after speaking to
Derrick. He says he gave him HOPE....& much more than that.  He mentioned that they would like to meet, which will probably happen
in early January.  I am so indebted to Derrick for his wisdom & caring.  Please let him know he made a huge and positive difference in
Curt's life & I love him for that.  I have found some peace after hearing the happiness in my son's voice.   I thank you as well for
introducing me to such a wonderful person.  Please pass this on to Derrick if you will, he is amazing. Lots of love ....Alexis
Hello Derrick, Thank you again for all of the readings last Sunday at my home. I thought you may be interested in some feedback from
the reading you gave me. I was the last one to be read and I do not know if you remember giving me a message that I was going to
hear of a police investigation involving someone in my family. To be sure this has weighed on me this week. You met my son and
daughter-in-law who are currently staying with me. They own a home on Vancouver Island and have had it rented out for the last six
months. Well yesterday they were advised that there is a police investigation regarding the people who are living in their home and
what they are doing in the house my Son owns. I think this is amazing and thought you would be interested to hear this as the
message was a bit perplexing. I also had so many positive comments from everyone who had a reading. As for me it has caused me
to do a lot of thinking. I know I heard a message about my future that I needed to hear no matter how uncomfortable it was to hear it.
Many blessings to you, Denise
Hello Derrick,

still don't know what to think re: our past life regression:) and how important it's or not to our current life...?
It's very fascinating subject and I guess the more one digs in to it the more one wants to know. I have a son as well and was
wondering if any of the people in my "French life":) might have reincarnated as him?
But that is not reason I'm writing. Before we were leaving yesterday you mentioned to Lenka to watch her camera. It's was a strange
comment / at least that is what we thought at the time, as it seemed to be so random/, but as it turned out..she DID loose her camera
LAST night /!!!!/ while being out with friends. Or somebody took it from her pursue.:(
I guess you are not surprised any more by your predictions..but this is amazing....unreal really.
Thank you for your patience with us,
Take care,Hana

I just want to thank you. I was at the greetings of the spirit on May 29th and was given the opportunity to reconnect with my brother
and both sets of Grand parents. This was truely a wonderful gift as there has been so much pain and grief. I found myself quite
depressed however for 2 days afterwards but was unsure why. I worked through it though and I am grateful to know that my family is
still with me. I'm sure they were very instumental in my healing over the last few years.
I will be returning to the spiritual church on a regular basis now that I have connected with one! My hope is that I will return to a
spiritual way of life once again as I used to meditate, attend spiritual workshops and retreats regularly as well I would like to
re-embrace the gifts of Reiki for which I had been attuned many years ago.
Again, many thanks!

Nov 2. 2011
Last night I had the good fortune to sit with a Psychic Medium by the name of Derrick Whiteskycloud who the universe brought to me
while listening to the Beat 94.5 radio station on my way to work one day. I highly recommend ANYONE considering this to go and see prepared to be amazed and astounded...this from a total skeptic who sat down and told him NOTHING, it was he who TOLD
ME things that I had never spoken of to anyone!!!

Linda Franks Henderiks
April 3, 2012  
My name is Jami C. I came to see you about 2 weeks ago and we talked about my Mom who was recently diagnosed with Cancer.  
You were contacted by my Nonnie and Papa who told you that my Mom was not done here on Earth and that she would be okay.
At the end of the reading you told me that I was pregnant with a boy… and that I just had to wait for the egg to do its thing…
Fast forward 11 days and I have just found out that I am in fact pregnant.
Your reading gave me such hope during the dreaded two week wait.. and now I have a new found hope that my Mom is going to
beat this. Her surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30am.
Since my reading with you, I have sent about 8 people your way who were astounded by their readings with you.
What you do for people is a gift from God. You have made me a believer and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for reconnecting me with my faith, and with this hope  I now have.
You will never know how much you now mean to me. I hope to see you again soon.
Please never doubt how special you are to those lives you touch.
With much love and respect,

Jami C