Spiritual Wisdom (9)
Going into the Light
What was expected to be routine heart surgery made religious and medical history,
when a photographer took a picture of the patients etheric body that contains the
spirit and soul leaving her body as she passed from this earth plane.
The dramatic photo clearly shows a glowing and angelic looking spirit rising up
off the operating table as the line on Karin Fischer's heart monitor went flat at the
moment of her death, and while nobody in the operating theatre actually saw this
manifestation as the 32 year old left her physical body behind on the operating
table, scholars, clergymen and the Vatican itself are hailing the photo as the most
dramatic proof of life after death ever.
This is it. This is the proof that true believers the world over have been waiting for,
" Dr. Martin Muller, who has conducted an extensive study of the picture told
reporters in Frankfurt, Germany. Human beings really do have souls that live for
eternity after the flesh grows weak and dies.
" This picture is not only a sign and a revelation, its a confirmation of the Bible,
continued the biblical scholar. " And in that regard, it might be the most
important picture ever taken." The mind numbing drama unfolded when Karin
Fischer entered Holy Heart Hospital for surgery to correct the defective heart
valves she was born with.
Dr. Walter Springer said he knew the operation would be tricky, but he never
dreamed that the woman's heart would stop beating just 45 minutes into the
procedure- never to start again. Oddly enough, not one of the twelve doctors,
nurses and technicians in the operating theatre saw the glowing spirit leave the
woman's body, apparently because it was not visible to the naked eye.
But as a matter of routine the procedure was photographed by the hospitals
director of education, Peter Valentin, who found a single picture of the spirit
phenomena 72 prints that were made. I thought someone in the photo lab was
playing a trick on me, so I went down and asked them," what the heck was going
on?", said Valentin "they didn't know what I was talking about.
So I got in touch with a photo expert who studied the picture and negative and
assured me that they hadn't been altered in any way. " At this point, I showed the
picture to the priest here at the Holy Heart. The first thing out of his mouth was "
Father in Heaven- this is a human soul!"
At the insistant of the priest, Valentin sent copies of the photograph to clergymen
and scholars throughout Europe. Pope John Paul 2nd is said to have requested a
copy for Vatican analysis, and while there has yet to be an official announcement,
Vatican sources say the Pope will release a statement confirming that the picture
of the soul is authentic.
"The photo has been the focus of intense study and debate for several weeks now
and the consensus of both scholars and clergymen is that it is indeed authentic",
said Dr. Muller.That's not to say that there are not sceptics because there are, he
continued. The problem with their position is that they can offer no alternative
explanations for the glowing image on the picture. In fact their are no alternative
You either except the image in faith..... or you reject it. There is no in-between..