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This photo was taken in the
dark with a digital camera.
We called out his grandfather
and grandmother from spirit to
come forward. The orb we
believe was the grandfather
and the picture spirit in the
mirror was grandma.
The mirror belonged to her.
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Touch my
hand if you
This house in
Abbotsford.BC had a
haunting due to the
passing of an Elder
and her dogs also the
haunting of voodoo
dolls from another
country. The dolls
were removed for the
protection.The house
is still haunted, but in
a good way.
This picture was taken by a paranormal team in an
old 1890 CPR  North Transcona Train Station in
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
.On July 14, 2006 we were having a 50th wedding
anniversary for my grandparents. We had a
professional photographer taking the pictures so
they are all digital. All of the indoor pictures
have the same dark tint to them. I don't know if
it's because he wasn't using a flash or just the
quality of the camera. This picture was in the
middle of the set... the photographer was taking
a picture of the hanging 50, I know because I was
standing right there when he took it. I can tell
you, I don't remember seeing anything this weird
when I was there. My parents sent this picture to
the Plains Hotel management and they were very
excited about it. I don't know if anyone else has
seen anything like this there, but I've heard a lot
of rumors.  Joshua G.
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This picture of
the Metis
Wreath  was
taken in my
home. We were
doing prayers
while taking this
photo to honor
my relatives
that were
Veterans and to
honor the fallen
Metis soldiers in
the past.
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These 4 pictures were taken at a concert in
Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2002'
This picture on the left was taken on a
Missouri trip to a 125 yr. old mansion.
This picture has the negatives to prove
of its authenticity by ghosthunters.
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