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I started this lifetime in Brandon, Manitoba ,Canada and am of
English and Algonquin-Cherokee/Ojibway ancestry
(Metis). It is not
easy to describe oneself for all the world to read, but I will try.
Having an outgoing personality is an asset since I've chosen to help
people wherever I can. I've been a creative artisan all my  life and this
made for some exciting times and changes.   
After a particularly creative but strenuous period, I found  myself
making a shift  towards a more  healing and spiritual lifestyle. My
ancestry was always calling to me as a Shaman and Medium, until I
had to acknowledge it and live it. In doing so, I had flung open the
doors wide to talents I had used sparingly. I realized that I had finally
connected my physical self and my spiritual higher self as one and the
possibilities are endless.
One of my passions is creating an item that has, not only physical
appeal but that heals as well and in this area my creations are unique.
Some of my designs include: smudge bowls and fans, dancing fans and
staffs, jewellery, beaded feathers and wings, dreamcatchers,
mandelas, medicine pouches and shields, crystal healing wands,
carved horn pieces, deerskin drums ,rattles and works of art on
canvas, to name a few. I let SPIRIT guide me when I'm creating and
find that each item has a specific purpose. These creations can be
found under
Another passion is helping people. Towards that I have used my gifts in spiritual counseling
and mediumship along with healing, of which there are many different methods and could
include one or more of the following: energy use , crystals, drumming, Wing chi, sound and song,
sacred ceremonies, etc. All healing is done through the Great Spirit, my spirit guides, celestial
beings, E.T.'s, and whomever else is needed for each individual. Besides counseling and
mediumship, I'm available for teaching workshops, some of which are:
I also find it heart satisfying to teach our young children in the different areas of life, whether it be
traditions, creativity or earth awareness. I love to sing and entertain everyone with our traditional
songs and inspirational storytelling for everyone to love. There is so much to share with you all and
so much more I learn every day that I must find I must in turn pass it on.

1)    Practice it  at the same time each day, in order to establish a date with a superior
discarnate who is willing to become your spiritual guide, it must be GOD's incarnate .
Just ask if they are of the white light (ask 3x's) that is your truth.
2)    Do not pickup the pencil or pen until you have first meditated for at least 10-15
min. to place yourself in the proper spiritual attunement and to induce the " alpha
state" through which the writing flows. Then murmur a prayer for protection or
mentally enclose yourself in a protective circle of light . (light a candle).

3)     It is well to remember that when we open ourselves.to unseen forces, a
mischievous or negative entity can contact us as easily as a benevolent one, unless
we have attuned ourselves to a higher minded spirit guide who is alerted to our signal
and will guard the opened doorway. So if we remain" GOD CENTERED" or "CHRIST
ORIENTED", no harm can befall us through our psychic self.

4)     Before you start, think of the person you wish to contact, and write their name
3x's and begin listening from within , some people feel a filling of emotion taking over,
just relax and enjoy GOD's work. many blessings.

Prehistoric paintings on the walls in caves in Europe shows that shamanism was practiced at least
20,000 years ago. The word comes from Siberia, from the language of the Evenk peoples who hunted
and herded reindeer for a living. However, Shamanism has been found in most tribal cultures in
every continent, from Alaska to Borneo. Witch doctors or Sanganas ( Africa), to medicine man       (
North America), Yogis or Holymen ( India), and witches and wizards from
( Europe) are all Shamans who follow more or less the same practices everywhere. The essence of
Shamanism is the ability  to enter into a trance or dreamtime state of altered consciousness ( and
somtimes to help the sufferer into the same state). Shamans claim this takes them into the spirit
world where they can use their ability to control the spirits to make changes that affect the physical
world. In a trance state, they are able to separate their souls from their bodies and fly to any part of
the cosmos to seek the cure, or the reasons for the illness, and to cure the patient. They also use
herbal medicines and cleansing rituals. Traditionally Shamans were not only highly skilled at healing
the sick, but have the ability to foretell the future, interpret dreams and ward off evil spirits.
Shamans in traditional hunting societies were usually men and they were held in highest regard,
often having a status equal to that of a chief or leader. Genghis Khan, leader of the Mongol hordes,
was a Shaman. In the more Agarian societies of Africa, India and Asia, many Shamans were women
and in Korea all Shamans were female. To experience the right to be a Shaman is the test from the
spirit world.  They will choose you whether you like it or not. There are many passages to become a
Shaman. One is by birth through hereditary ancestors, passed down through generations. A short
while ago, I recieved a request from spirit to find the young ones, of the Tribal Nations. Many of our
young ones are needed through the request of the GreatSpirit, I was able to find four to continue
their medicines passed down from generation to generation. The other journey is by spiritual
intervention whether by near-death experience or by constant unsettledness of dreams and constant
appearance of a spirit(s)  appearing before you. Often a person will become seriously  physically
ill,then becomes the awareness of psychic,mental and spiritual abilities.They will then realize when
after they approach another Shaman to teach the  skills, at that moment they will be informed of
their calling to the divine command, known as the Shaman. To ignore the call would not be
acceptable, for that person had made that request before birth. It is important to become one of the
Great Spirit's healers. Now (#3), one may choose to become a Shaman. This involves a great deal of
your time and life style. Your careers change along the way while going through this  transition. You
may think you'll become a computer technologist while going to Shaman's school. It doesn't always
work that way.It takes a great dedication and virtue for the rest of your life. Many cultures believe
there is no such thing as one who chooses to be a shaman and such a person is either fake or a
wanabee. Survival of the calling from the Great Spirit is part of the experience through humility and
wisdom.  To choose this path is to learn respect of all living things, and your own self judgement.
Regardless of the way the one who initiates the journey, it is a very tough and devoted path to follow.
We have one law, that is the Universal Law, learn and you shall recieve provedence. A shaman must
learn discipline, many times in sweat lodges, long journey's communicating between spirit worlds, and
learning other traditions  from other Shamans and walk with great respect and honor to yourself.
Shamanism is not a religion, it is a way of life that helps us to reach out to a greater connection to
that geat Spirit and learn to sit in silence and thank the Great Spirit through prayers and to teach
those to love their fellow man.
                     Shamanism Techniques
The techniques used by a shaman to bring about a state of altered consciousness include drumming,
rattling, chanting, dancing, and the taking of natural altered state herbs. Drums and Rattles are
features of the North  and South American  shamanic traditions,including the altered state herbs.
In Peru, shamans are known as( vegastilistas), because of their skilled use of dangerous plants.
Through these means, the shaman claims to be able to move between the real and spirit worlds at
will. He may go into a deep trance or more dramatically allows temporarily taken over by the spirits
he has summoned. However, a shaman always controls and summons the spirits, he is not
possessed by them. During their rituals many shamans call on the help of the essential spirit of
animals or sacred objects to which they feel a special connection. By harnessing the energy of their
guardian spirits, the shaman divines what the problem is whether physical, spiritual or emotional-
and what remedy is needed to treat it. Contemporary or neo-shamanism uses many traditional
techniques, but emphasizes a direct connection to a spirit guide rather than using altered state
herbs . New Age groups or what we call the ancient traditionalism is popular today. With the return
of the old ways, shamanism has begun to grow more and more each day without the use of medical
or psychological help,it is the return  of the spiritual teachers. As many people today learn to
discover their connection to the spirit world  and with no fear, the greatest shaman in the universe
today is through prayer, and with that prayer we meet our healer , the GREAT SPIRIT, with this we
would not feel no pain, having FAITH in our selves is the only answer........ many blessings.
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