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Yes, we have lived in past lives.
If you've noticed  when we dream at times, we re-awakenened by the un-conscious memory of
ourselves. This is called the cell memory, the sleeping chamber. These are known as the connections
to the Akashic Records.
We can see the past, but personally we cannot see ahead of our own future, only to warn others of
what events can happen for them. Nothing is written in blood or stone. Only the scrolls of time. We
are reliving the past and not a movie reel in theater, but in real life events.  We  some how
remember the reasons why we  have come back to learn or re-learn the present.
Many times throughout our life we have repeated moments. Doing something repeatedly and don't
know why. Or you remember you've seen this journey before.This is called Dejavous. This also
means you are on your path, not off. In our daily life, we have always had a longing to be someone
or something. Wanting to be a Pirate, an Indian, a King, Goddess, Warrior, or even a great Wizard
or an apprentice of something. This also bases our fears or phoebias in areas we do not understand.
Including allergies to foods or animals even our beautiful earthly plants. Each person has
contributed their lives to the ever loving past.
Whether it be good or bad. We are to recognise the problem solving issues and try to remember
why they are brought us back  for reasons unknown. We bring ourselves back from spirit, to write a
wrong right.Even some of our youth have a hard time understanding why they should stay or go.
They have their moments feeling very depressed so deeply even wanting to seriously consider
suicide. A lot of that past has played the part of a 1st, 2nd, Korean, Vietnam Wars, .....so much
violence from the past. Their cell memory and their soul has not rested long enough to bring peace
and harmony back with them. Spiritual growth has longed for something to feel needed in their own
way. Even rage has taken over their unconscious journey.
Not all lives are perfect but we mostly start late in life to search out our purposes.  Needing to bring
in peace of mind, others will cross their paths unconsciously remembering they think they have met
somewhere before, even their greatest of enemies fom a past-life can be of the opposite sex, they
might fall in love and settle down together. So we meet again and again until we all come together
to get it right.  Our journey can also be completed with them as well. Even our pets are also
re-incarnated to be with us in different forms or sizes.
Our most important journey here is to learn about ourselves and bring peace amongst all mankind
in our own little ways, but it takes time . Don't be in a hurry about looking for every Karma that
you have committed to fix up so you don't have to come back into this world any more. We will
always return until we have completed our quest in all living races, gender,sizes, shapes and
Many people have been sending me emails asking about their past lives,
karma & why they need to experience suffering without knowledge.
How come psychics see accidents ahead of time and sometimes they don't.
Here are some answers that I have returned regarding their questions:
This question came from Maura:

Hello... I have a brief question on your view on reincarnation & went to different spiritual
pages for feedback. I am a brain-injury patient who is gathering information for a possible
book on disabilities. I was born a normal person, but had a accident which caused brain
damage, was struck by a speeding cyclist while crossing the street, head was slammed against
the ground. Before that was normal, after was disabled. Its like there was a person there, and
brain injury " took them out." If someone is going to have an accident which is going to leave
them impaired. Why wouldn't they be taken out at the accident in one shot while still a whole
person. The other question is on reincarnation & disabilities. If someone is disabled in one
lifetime are they like that the next time? Are some lives meant to be normal, then others
disabled? Can someone be retarded one time, average another, brilliant another. Has anyone
had pastlife experience where they were impaired in some way. What was that like, then were
they born a normal person again the next time. It might seem like obvious question, but how
can someone just be born a normal human being with no impairments, like was originally born
as before brain injury ' transposed' normal human form. If someone is disabled in one life,
does that mean they will be like that the next time., or will it be different? What types of
conditions vary from life to life? For example if someone is rich in one life, are they poor the
next time. Like I asked before has anyone had any past life experience where they had some
type of disability? Then they have other lifetimes that were normal & healthy. I was born a
perfectly normal person, but brain injury just made everything that was normal all tangled,
like the person was " erased " and then back to scratch. It would have been a blessing to have
been taken out at the accident, because there was a whole person there.
Brain injury just " dewired " what was a whole person. So just wondered what peoples
experiences with / thoughts on reincarnation with regard to disabilities, and if they remember
any past lives that had infirmities in them. Balanced by lives where they were whole again
without disabilities. Is each lifetime separate & different from previous ones. Anyway just
wondering about this subject.
Thanks for any feedback. Wanted to make it brief...sincerely M.Q..
Dear M.Q..,

You have in the beginning before birth...what you call a birth contract. You choose a right of
passage good & bad journeys that befall you. If you did not have any accidents or any bad
things happen to you in this life time or the next you would not have spiritual growth. Karma
does take place in this subject. Depending what good or bad karma are issued in this life to
equal spirit growth as well. We all need to deal with the spiritual, emotional, mental & the
intellectual growth. Past-lives are reminded only when it is time to remember through dreams
or meditation what issues you have or have not remembered to learn. We are only given what is
important here in this life. But if you wish to know if you have been crippled before in a past
life. Yes, but not for long. You were born disabled and then healed by a healer. You'll wonder
why you don't always remember the past...well you are not supposed to remember all what you
went through because that does not always teach you anything new. Accept for what you've
learned then from the past. That's why we don't need to remember... God takes away our sins
of forgiveness from the past, and we live for today. The reason you were in this accident is to
learn spirirtual strength and learning to deal with the challenges of being impaired at some
point. Those who have been impaired are in the highest regard of spiritual awareness.   You
have been physically normal many past lives. You have been deaf, blind, poor, rich, killed in
many wars and lived a humble life as a farmer then next life. Not everyone was a king or queen.
Even if you don't remember what you've written in the birth contract...that memory was put
asleep. If you've wondered how I know because I was told by my guides to teach this. I
recommend you learn to take on the challenged journey to be a better person and always
forgive those who placed you here regarding the accident. Start learning and
teaching...meditate...write things you see in a scribbler. Keep a log book.Work with others who
also face these challenges and watch how they spiritually grow. You might find the world is
unfair. Look at it with a positive note. You're still here aren't you? Keep smiling and be happy.
Remember a smile day keeps other frowns away. I hope I am able to help you... I hope you can
understand what you have learned  now...many blessings.
Have We Lived in a Past Life?