Derrick Whiteskycloud
Seek out your animal totems which will guide you onto your life path.
Journey through the sound of the sacred totem drum and let the drum
guide you into the spiritual realm, through a healing, meeting your
animal friends. The Great Spirit will always guide you on your path
bringing peace into your heart and soul through this meditative Animal
Totem Healing Circle.
(May 21- June 20)
(Success through determination, Adventurous, Constantly on a
Though adventurous, the Salmon are home-loving. Salmon people
can foresee the future through self determination.They have that extra sensory
feeling about people especially with  healing capabilities.They can detect all types
of changes, from the emotional to the spiritual. The males are very defensive at
protecting their mate and family home life, and re-root themselves in their own
(Cougars are proud, determined, loyal,and know their goals & or purpose in
They have the ability to be seen or not seen, just by camouflaging in their
territory. They often prefer solitude and can take on anything in its path.By
watching the swift movements of the cougar, one is keenly aware that no
movement is wasted, no footing unplanned, in their quest for the desired game.
They have leadership, power,couragiousness, swiftness & balance. When the
cougar shows up as a totem, much of the quests have been worked through, if
not it is time to be assertive.The cougar also teaches desisiveness in the use of
personal power. When it attacks its pray, it does not hesitate. So learn to take
charge of your life and your future will always carry confidence with pride.
( Truth, Patience,Silent Wisdom, Protector of the night).Owl people are
naturally intelligent, & they should  use their ablities to put their thoughts in
writing.When the Owl crosses your path in the night, that is the sign of warnings
ahead. Owl is a totem of clairvoyants & healers ( some call them mystics).Some
Europeans & North American Indians believe that when an Owl comes into your
path ,they represent death in the family or loved one, but most believe the
transition of the old spiritual death to a rebirth or awakening of the healer or the
prophet. The owl has great vision and hearing as do the owl people. Many people
cannot hide from owl medicine , for you will be found out from what you are
hiding .Owl people can also detect & pinpoint what is hidden the shadows. This
can make others uncomfortable, It's as if they can  see into your soul.
Join me on a journey in an Animal Totem Healing Circle where we learn
to speak and walk with the animals. See through animal eyes, hear
through animal ears. We experience the senses... the animals become
our teachers, our friends, and our companions. They show us the true
feelings of life itself. They restore our forgotten past by searching into
cultures, dreams, and the realities of truth and peace within. We have
separated ourselves from the elements and from the Earth Mother.
Using intellect with the rhythm of the drum, the heart beat of the Earth
Mother, is to walk in balance. The animals teach us how to survive our
urban and rural lifestyles.
If you talk to the animals
They will talk with you
And you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them
You will not know them,
And what you do not know
you will fear.
What one fears one destroys.

Through each day of your life, there will be an animal crossing your
path. They teach you many learning lessons like the wolf. Or being
cunning as a fox etc. Even more so, animals teach how to communicate
with them, through Dreamtime, Vision Questing, and every day
guidance since birth. Look to the stars, they teach how to find our way
(Vision, Healing, Fearlessness, Creation)-In the Native American tradition, the
Eagle is considered as the most sacred of all birds. For it is the only one  that flies the
highest to become the messenger for the Creator,and transforms into the angel of
love and peace to send our prayers. The eagle teaches us about our inner strength,
offering acts of courage, honor oneself, and others, also how you must walk your
own path to seek your vision in life. The eagle's eyes teach us to see more clearly, so
that others do not stump our path , for the Creator  offers all of us a journey of
peace, love and humility,for we must learn . Our life is never perfect, only in spirit
we are perfect.So we learn by our mistakes to become a better person, becoming  
(June 21- July 22)
(July 23- August 22)
(August 23 - Sept 22)