Angel Poetry
An Angel here, an Angel there, I'm surrounded by Angels everywhere.
When I'm in the middle of a terrible storm,
they come with their candles to keep me warm.

An angel to comfort, an Angel to guide, An Angel to fill that dark hole inside.
An Angel to cry on, an Angel who cares, Angels, Angels, everywhere!

The Angels who reach out when times are rough, Who'll listen to all of my
heartache and stuff, in the bright sunshine aand the dark of night,
The Angels surround me with comforting light.

I guess God is busy and can't come down, to give me a smile and care of my
frown, so he sent a few Angels to brighten my day,
and help to carry my burdens away.

So thank you dear Angels, more than you'll ever know,
for watering my happiness and making it grow!

Author Unknown
Have you ever met a person who fulfilled you deep inside.
Someone whose never failed you and stands right at your side.

Someone who gives all they have and brings sunshine all around,
always smiling and laughing, never seeming down.

Have you ever watched a sunset across the oceon shore,
and been filled with love and peace, never needing more.

Have you ever listened to the wind, blowing restless through the night,
and heard Angel's whispers helping you to see when you've lost sight.

Have you heard a song that moves you and sets your soul free,
and makes forget your anger and makes you feel happy?

Have you ever given to someone, when you didn't have it to spare,
and feel feel so worthy inside that you you didn't have a care.

Heavenly creatures surround you, so listen closely what they say,
they'll bring you all of life's riches, as they guide you along the way!