To our customers,

Amoré Pet Foods only uses free range meats that are
free of antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids.
These meats are our source of protein.

We DO NOT use wheat gluten or any other fillers,
preservatives, additives, thickeners, colouring or
flavouring in the production of any of our foods.

If you have any questions with regards to our
products, please feel free to contact us at
604-273-8577 or 1-866-572-6673.

Barbara Fellnermayr
Amoré Pet Foods
We believe that a raw food diet is crucial to
your pet's good health, but we think the kind
of raw food is just as important.

That's why all of our raw meats and bones are:

Non-Medicated (no antibiotics)
Hormone and Steroid-Free
Vegetarian or Grain-Fed
That's the Amoré difference

A number of pet foods say their
meats are "human-grade", which
sounds good, until you
understand that antibiotics,
steroids, and more, are
acceptable in human-grade food.

More and more pet food products
call themselves "natural".
This is not the same as "raw" and
it's no guarantee of any of the
qualities listed on the left.

Always read the label, ask
questions, and compare.
M. Barbara Fellnermayr, MBA CGA
0726984 B.C. Ltd.
21-12200 Vulcan Way,
Richmond, BC, V6V 1J8
Phone 604-273-8577
Fax 604-273-8549
Toll free 1-866-572-6673

Dear American Customer,

It is with great regret that I write this letter. Effective immediately
Amoré will no longer be sold in the United States.
This was an extremely difficult decision for me to make but given
the facts, I feel I have no alternative. The falling US dollar,
increased costs and border complications due to Mad
Cow/anti-terrorism, astronomical shipping costs, increased
insurance premiums, labeling registration requirements, freezer
storage, the list of obstacles and costs just keeps going on and
My predecessor spent huge amounts of money to develop the US
market. Unfortunately the ultimate cost to the company was
bankruptcy. I can't knowingly head down that same path. I've
spent two months looking for alternative paths but keep coming
up against the same obstacles.
The only solution I have found to date would be to triple our
selling price to cover our costs. To me that is an unacceptable
I hope that you will be able to find another food to feed your
animals that will keep them happy and healthy. May it be of the
same high quality as our Amoré.


M. Barbara Fellnermayr, MBA CGA
Owner & President
Only the best
Thats Amore
Amoré Pet Foods
Unit 21
12200 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC
Canada  V6V 1J8

Tel: (604) 273-8577
Fax: (604) 273-8549