Derrick was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Derrick Whiteskycloud was
drawn to the traditions of his Métis/ Miqmag /Ojibway ancestry when he was
thirteen years old. In the years between his roots in Manitoba and his
current home in Surrey, British Columbia, he has and still does travel
extensively across the western provinces developing and sharing his gifts
as a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic/Medium, Paranormal Investigator, teacher,
Metis Artisan, poet and entertainer. Derrick's approach to counseling,
Mediumship, and spiritual healing incorporates techniques from both
traditional practices and alternative methodologies. In practice, his work
draws from the Great Spirit, his spirit guides, and other elements of sound
and song, drumming, and sacred ceremonies. Derrick's healing gift also
extends into the realm of the expressive arts. He is a prolific artist and
writer. His self-published book, “Spiritual Journeys with Whiteskycloud”
written in 2002, spiritual wisdom and poetry, is a collection of channeled
writings, stories, poetry, and illustrations. He hosts “Between Two Worlds
Radio”, a call-in radio show on an Internet Radio Network where philosophy,
ghost stories, paranormal phenomena, and the spirit world are topics for
thought-provoking discussion. However, whether the medium is Internet
Radio, spoken or written word, art, music or a derivative of traditional and
New Age methods, Derrick Whiteskycloud continues to evolve his healing
practice in ways that consider the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-
being of the individual. Regardless of the medium, the definitive and
underlying common denominator in all of his work is his commitment and
passion for helping people. More and more lately Derrick has been using his
paranormal skills in helping clients to clear up residual energies in their
properties and bring closure. He has been honing these paranormal skills for
the past 30 plus years and finds as years go by it has been easier to connect
with residual energies from the past. Derrick always looks forward to helping
people heal & find peace.

Many blessings to everyone.