Derrick Whiteskycloud        

49- 8266 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC   V3W 5C2


Métis Community Services Counsellor with 20 plus years in providing support to
clients in difficult situations. Highly dedicated and reliable with a strong ability to work
with support groups. Skilled in accurately assessing clients needs of the First Nations,
Métis and Inuit communities and providing information on appropriate available
resources. A history of creating and maintaining a supportive climate using empathy,
active listening skills, challenging comfort zones and setting appropriate boundaries.
Very flexible and able to adapt quickly to new responsibilities. An effective team
player who also works well independently.  

Relevant Skills and Experience

        Extensive relevant training and professional development combined with solid
work/life skills
        Proven ability to work with and support multi-barriered families and individuals
        Able to develop and maintain strong working relationships with clients
        Advanced assessment and critical thinking abilities
        Skilled at promoting and empowering motivation for change
        Experienced in report writing and case management

Outreach Counsellor

        Counselled clients suffering from anxiety as a result of death of a loved one
        Assisted as the Métis Elder in mediation conflict situations (e.g. the truth and
reconciliation program for the Indian residential School Survival Society)

Métis Family Services Traditional Counsellor and Family Support Worker

        Arranged and supervised visits between children in Ministry care and their
families, encouraging family cohesiveness while ensuring a safe environment for
        Mediated conflict situations so that confrontational issues could be resolved in
constructive ways
        Effectively supported families through various difficulties such as substance and
physical abuse and neglect
        Maintained order, safety and a sense of calm during emergency situations,
effectively decreasing clients’ anxiety levels while improving their ability to cope
        Provided community resources information to clients, allowing single parents to
acquire additional avenues of support
        Worked in cooperation with the police department during crisis situation,
providing support and comfort to assist victims of crimes and accidents
        Provided clear and accurate written reports after intervention for legal purposes,
office files and affective follow-up
        Provided accurate documentation regarding family visits in order to incorporate
pertinent information into a suitable action plan
        Scheduled appointments and screened phone calls for priority purposes to
maximize efficiency for  timely case management
        Provided support services to families at risk which included one-to-one
counselling, family counselling, advocacy with the child welfare system and referrals
to additional Métis community support services
        Assisted as the Métis Elder in mediation conflict situations (egg) the truth and
reconciliation program (Indian Residential School Survival Society)

Derrick Whiteskycloud        604.818.8375

Professional Experience

Counsellor / Mentor (contract position)        2008-2011
Driftpile First Nations, Driftpile, AB

Counsellor / Mentor (contract position)        2009-2010
Sucker Creek First Nations, Sucker Creek, AB

Metis Elder (contract position)        2009
IRSSS, North Vancouver, BC

Traditional Counsellor        2005-2006
Metis Family Services, Surrey, BC

Traditional Counsellor (contract position)        1998
Wilp Si’ Satxw House of Purification, Kitwanga, BC

Relevant Training and Professional Development

Parent Coach Plan Program        2005
Kwantlen University College, Surrey, BC

Social Worker Intake Course         2005
In-House Training, Metis Family Services, Surrey, BC

Truth and Reconciliation Healing Program        2009
Indian Residential School Survivor Society, Elders Committee, Surrey, BC

Volunteer Experience

Cultural Director Board Member, Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society (Métis Museum)
Deacon Lay Minister, Inner Garden Online Chapel

        Radio Broadcasting                Native Arts and Crafts                Motivational Speaking

References Available Upon Request

We are the Metis; we're proud and we're strong;
we have been searching for our peace, and it has been long.
The government's thought to themselves, they had a victory
time has gone by, where was no sun and no shade.
You see our families breakaway, tearing apart from each
with residential schools trying to destroy our sister and
Our hearts were full of rage, we must not carry;
we sit in silence, with even the families we bury.
Then along came this man, he had a dream, known as Riel;
the government's feared him, they thought he was hell.
He gathered our people, as close as we can be;
for he carried a cross in the battlefields, like Galilee.
Our families have given their lives through and through;
its time to see the light for all of us and not to be blue.
They fought for our freedom and of tierney that brought us
guess what?, they thought they could best us, it was a
There were many wars that our elders have fought;
and now we are here to honor them, and take pride alot.
For as long as we have breath, we'll walk with hope;
We asked for Riel's justice, we burned the rope.
For we are the Metis today, it's not justice we seek;
we are a nation, we are strong and not weak.
Riel did not give up, he made history for all;
peace for mankind, with victory we stand tall.


-written by Derrick Whiteskycloud-