I was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada in 1952 to a hard working,
no frills family.
Since we grew up without the outside influence of television or
books, other than school books, nature played a big part in my life.
My earliest memories of inspiration as a child involved the study of
patterns and colours caught or formed all around me in the skies,
flowers, birds, insects, stones and winter frost sculptures on
window panes, branches and wires.
I sorted and studied my mother's buttons for hours at a stretch and
as her health declined, marveled at the size, shapes and beautiful
colours molded into medication.
I turned in colourfully illustrated social study reports on many
occasions and remember decorating the chalk boards at Christmas.
This fascination with colours and patterns stayed with me
throughout the years. Finally in 1997, I found my medium, which
also touches the aboriginal part of myself and shows up in my
beadwork. I feel an anticipation and excitement when I create my
designs and choose my colours, not only for myself but also for it's
future owner.
All my work is crafted with love and filled with the healing energies
of colour and beauty.